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management system

This is our goal in the near future. But what now? We recommend trying our Fleet Management System. This is a Simple, convenient, intuitive solution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help make your work even easier.

Avollo: Fleet App
Avollo: Fleet App

Who need CMMS?

This will certainly be useful to companies and corporations that require reliability and quality in the implementation of asset management processes. What kind of companies are these?

Transport Inspection

Inspection of the suitability of a passenger or goods vehicle before use. Car services, car repair companies, taxi and bus fleets, railway transport, river and sea vessels, civil aviation aircraft and other aircraft.

Maintenance of Special Equipment

Monitoring and inspection of fitness and safety conditions using Special Purpose Machinery of various industries Agricultural, Construction, Mining equipment, Cranes and handling equipment.

Equipment Inspection

Checking the condition of any equipment during its industrial use. Pre-start and routine process inspections. Machine tools and production equipment, Power plants, Thermal stations, Port equipment.

Space Industry

Scope of inspection at stages from development to pre-launch and subsequent compliance monitoring. High-precision and scientific equipment, Space stations, Reusable ships, Delivery vehicles, etc.

Military-Industrial Complex

Equipment of the military-industrial complex, creation of inspections of production, maintenance, storage. Land, Air, Watercraft, Air Defense, Deterrents and any other equipment and consumables

Transport Engineering Structures

Logistics engineering structures designed for transporting liquid and gaseous substances. Gas pipelines, Oil pipelines, Heat pipelines, Gas/oil terminals, Chemical pipelines, etc.

Our platform is also applicable in Medicine, Finance and Banking, Insurance, HR services, Government institutions, Utilities, Auditing and Consulting companies. We will publish useful information about areas of application in the blog.

Ease of Maintenance

Unprecedented ease of use of the application. Simplicity of forms. Your staff can intuitively understand the functionality without 5 years of high school courses. Availability for the web and all types of Android and iOS mobile devices.

Avollo CMMS - Technology Powering the Maintenance

Reliability Management

Your team and business gain outstanding asset reliability management capabilities. Uninterrupted service to your and your clients’ corporate assets in the most challenging environments is now available.

Dynamic Forms

Create your own asset inspection checklist. Customize according to your business processes. Receive ready-made scripts for your Business Intelligence (BI) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

OpenAI decides to register the GPT trademark in the US


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