About Avollo Management

Simple management of business processes

in transport, construction, mechanical engineering, agriculture and other industries are the objectives of our project.

Our Philosophy

Today’s business climate has become so intense that traditional CRM/ERP systems have become too feature-heavy. The world is developing along the path of simplification. The winners are products built on the KISS design principle – “keep it short and simple”


Any staff can master our application. It’s incredibly simple and intuitive. Open it and work right away.


Simplicity simplifies the path in the chain of business logic and generates incredible speed. Employees can process more.


High speed of work increases the speed of capital. By doing the same work 25 times faster, your employees increase profits.

The issue we solve

Increasing efficiency and productivity, Optimizing processes, Maximum automation, simplifying the work of employees, speeding up through simplification, minimizing the risk of data loss.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Our goal

Create the most simple, convenient and effective management application for all types of transport, construction and other types of business. These will be the following industries: Medicine, Finance and Banking, Insurance, HR services, Government institutions, Utilities, Auditing and Consulting companies.

Our experience in logistics

Extensive experience in the field of logistics, cumulatively more than 20 years, allows us to identify basic needs, strengths and weaknesses. In communication with people and business, we learn what problems we must solve.

AI-Enhanced Drones

Our development experience

The development experience of our team members began back in the late 90s. During this time, our expertise has allowed us to create dozens of reliable and stable applications. Now our goal is to create the simplest and most convenient application for business process management.

Meet Our Leadership


Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

It will soon be 10 years since he conquered the logistics business in North America. He knows the need of every Truck Driver in the USA. Want to know this secret? Come to his conference.


Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

More than 20 years of experience in developing high-load applications. Big Data was named after him from the word “Big”. He is also a happy father of three wonderful children who always help with his work.


Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

The project’s activities are in safe hands. Payments are under control, and each employee knows what task needs to be solved at the moment. Always finds the most effective way to achieve a goal.


Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

More than 40 years in marketing. He made his first sale at 3 age. He sold a bucket of sand for $10 to other children on the beach. His sons dream of becoming Truck Drivers.


Co-founder & Chief Partnerships Officer

Meet this serious guy who always knows how and with whom to build business connections. Call him and you will definitely become our partner. Raising an incredible son.


Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer

He always knows where to invest. It’s elementary, because everyone knows that they need to invest in Avollo. Contact him, he will tell you how easy it is to do it.


Advisor & Truck Driver in Texas

More 35 years of driving a truck on North American roads. There are no impossible cargo missions for him. Every bar and every gas station knows him. Hi is Super Pro.


Customer Support Leader

Her expertise in organising our customer support team is so high that even open AI asks her how to do his job. There is a lot to learn from her. With her help, anyone can master the application in a minute.

Robot (AI)

Co-founder & Chief Automation Officer

You definitely know this guy. A team of robots under reliable control solves all everyday tasks, even while we sleep.

Customer Reviews

Write to us in support, leave reviews on public platforms and we will publish them here. It is important for us to know your opinion and have feedback. This will allow us to improve our products.


“Each of us hates paperwork and all bureaucracy. The expressway stretching into the horizon is the spirit of freedom. Bureaucracy deprives us of freedom. The Avollo app gives back our freedom.”

— Bob, Truck Driver

“It has become much easier to process documentation and work with drivers. The speed of work allowed us to process more machines. Thanks guys, my personal bonus has also increased.”

— Tom, Logistics Company Manager


“The entire staff has become more disciplined, it seems to me, because accounting has become more accurate and efficient. Turnovers also increased. Our CEO is much happier of the result and me to.”

— Jessica, Transport Company Accountant

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